Le Tote

One of my favorite You Tubers mentioned this program on a video and I decided to give it a go.  The best way I can describe Le Tote is a Netflix type version for Clothing, kind of a blend between Rent The Runway & Netflix.
You pay a monthly subscription and the send you clothing & accessories (that may have been previously worn by another subscriber), you have the option of a Jewelry Only version or a Clothing & Jewelry which is the one I chose.  You get 3 garments (could be shirt, skirt, dress, or pants in any combination) & two accessories (bracelets, earnings, necklaces, scarves, etc.).
They ship you your items via 2 day mail and they arrive in a box that looks like this:
Inside are your items they have chosen based on the preference quizzes you did online and sizes & measurements you give them as well.   Here are a few photos of items I have received.

There is a portal on you account website that you rate each item that you receive on if you liked the style or not as well as how it fit.  If you mark the item as not fitting you then mark what about it did not fit so they can attempt to send you more accurate sizes.

If you like an item so much that you would like to keep it than you receive a discount member price that is listed.  Or you can purchase the entire box if you like.

After you have worn all the items you place them in the pre-paid bag that was inside the box, and no you do not have to launder the items they do all of that for you.  And you mail the items back via 2 day mail.  After they receive the items they send you another box, you get an unlimited amount of Le Totes for your monthly subscription, this is where it is very similar to Netflix.  So the more you wear and send back the more you are getting for you money.

I am loving this because I do like to have new clothes to wear, I get bored very easily.  But this way I am not filling up my closet and I am able to wear more new items a month for a lot less that it would be for me to purchase that amount of items.  The cost is equivalent to what I would spend a month buying new items if not less than what I would normally spend.  And I don’t have to find closet space for them or wash them!  So I’m cutting down on laundry & storage space but still get to rock awesome rotating outfits!

Most of the clothes are more business oriented or great for going out on weekends.  I think this would be particularly great for someone starting out in the business world that doesn’t have a huge budget to build a wardrobe but wants to keep a fresh look.

If you would like to give it a try here is a link: http://www.letote.com


Loving Tan

Love this!  This self tanner has finally made it to the United States and it is amazing!

My father is a melanoma survivor so my doctors highly frown upon me spending much time in the sun.  It is a sad fact for me as I am a sun worshiper and I always feel so much better when I have that golden glow.  A few years ago I was successfully talked into using spray tans for my main source of color, and while they have come a long way I was never completely satisfied.

I had been watching Australian you-tubers rave about this product so when it was finally available in the US I grabbed it right up.  It is a little on the pricey side compared to some other options but it is so worth it!!!  Let me share:
The color of this is so amazing that I fooled my dermatologist who is a self tanner herself.  This year when I went in for my annual check up she started to give me the you need to stay out of the sun speech when I stopped her and said “oh this color comes from a bottle”. She looked at me in a bit of shock, stared me up and down and then insisted on writing down the information I gave her on where to purchase.  When the nurse walked in she proceeded to tell her all about it too!
I get my color in the ultra dark because yes I like to look absolutely golden!  The other product from this line that is a must have is the exfoliating mitt.  Mine came free with a coupon code and at first when I looked at it I thought it would do nothing for me,  but after some scrubbing in the shower I saw the dead skin cells start to roll right off!  Best exfoliating mitt I have ever used, and getting rid of all that dead skin gives you a smooth consistent tan!
Go check out the website and pick up a mitt while your at it!


$39.95 at Loving Tan