Bite Lip Wipes

I purchased these little babies fully expecting them to be a little gimmicky but thought it was worth a try.  After buying them I now think these are a must have for anyone the loves to wear bright, bold, or dark lipsticks!!!  I have already made a repurchase just to make sure I do not run out.

These can be purchased at Sephora for $12 and come with the little bag and mirror kit that I keep in my purse at all times now.

For awhile there was a separate box you could purchase for refills but I no longer find that available and wish they would bring it back.

These are amazing!!! You know when you wear a bold lipstick and it starts to give-way; you are typically left with the decision of trying to touch it up, which depending on the formula can make things worse, or try to wipe it off which typically can leave you in a bigger mess than you started with if any strays onto your face and then you are touching that up too….

Not with these babies, these have the amazing ability to wipe off that lipstick in a quick few swipes.  The wipe is small enough that you have full control and that you don’t feel wasteful because it is just the right size for wiping everything off.

I don’t fine that they leave any horrible taste or after film.  There is a slight something but nothing I can put my finger on and as soon as you put on fresh lipstick you are back to perfection.

You really need to go pick these up, they are a game changer and leave you less hesitant to wear that amazing lipstick you just couldn’t resist purchasing at the counter, so take it for a spin.

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