YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

I received this YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils from YSL & Influenster for review.  At first I didn’t have high hopes because it seems so many companies are constantly releasing new mascaras promising you the world.  I have a fairly unique view on mascara, I don’t like to layer it on, I really just want it to make my lashes look better and not be incredibly noticeable that I have mascara on other than the fact that my lashes look dark and beautiful.

I do use careprost to keep my lashes long, my natural lashes are dark at the root and light at the tip, so mascara is always a good idea for me to show off the full length of my lashes. As you know from a previous post, I also perm my lashes to keep them curled at all times.  So what I need in a mascara is something that makes them black, adds a little to the length, separates and gives some volume without being clumpy, and I think this mascara does a very natural job of all of those.

Because I was sent this for review I really stared this mascara down for a few days of wearing it.  I really like the look it gives my lashes.  I did notice some very fine flaking towards he mid-late part of the day but it was because I was staring and looking for it, not something I just noticed in passing.  It’s not very humid here yet so I am yet to test this out in our Houston summer climate, but it did well in showers of not making me look like a complete racoon.

This mascara is a little on the expensive side, retailing for $32.  If you want one good mascara and you are willing to spend a little money I think this mascara is a good option. I have been happy and will probably be purchasing for my self when it runs out.

I did also get the new Benefit Roller lash around the same time as this was sent to me and I reached for this one more often.  This mascara left my lashes feeling softer and I found the Roller Lash to be clumpier/thicker.

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