Lash Perm

So I have very long, but straight lashes. Years ago I turned to getting my lashes permed, this is a services you can get at several types of salons or lash experts. My biggest issue was finding some one that I like the way they did it, consistently being able to get into that person, & finding a decent price.  That is the biggest downfall is that I felt like there was such a wide range in pricing between the different salons and they are all offering the exact same service.

After watching several videos and having it performed on me dozens of times I gave up and decided this was something I can do myself at home.  This is something you want to be VERY careful with,  also if it’s the first time you are getting your lashes permed I would not do it yourself.  I did this with extreme care and lots of research.  In the photos below I used half the cotton rod & half the silicon roll so you could see both and that there are different ways.  Both the cotton & silicon come in multiple sizes for different length lashes and different types of curl.

These are the steps your professional will follow.  The instructions on the box tell you the information but the basics are first you glue the rod to your eyelid,  then the important part: you slowly and carefully glue the lashes (with the glue provided in the kit) up to the rod.  You want EVERY SINGLE lash glued firmly to the rod, and it the direction and order you want your lashes to look.  Any strange direction your lashes are glued in could result in that shape for the length of which your lashes stay permed.  Then you apply the perming lotion, and yes it smells just like a hair perm.  The box says to leave on 10-15 minutes, I did that and found that the thickness of my lashes required at least 20 min but I did try 15 min first to make sure I didn’t cause damage and then slowly added time to figure out my happy spot.  Then you wipe ALL of that solution off with q-tips and cotton pads before applying the setting solution.  You leave this solution on for the same length of time as the first solution.  Then when you wipe all of that off you will use the conditioning solution on a q-tip to slowly wipe over all the lashes and work them free from the glue.  Then after you lift the rod off from your eyelid you will be ready. You should avoid water & steam for 48 hours to insure that your perm curl holds.  As you know from my lash extension post that your lashes naturally shed and once they shed you will need to perform this again.  I find this typically last 2-3 months before I want to touch up.

I ordered my supplies on Amazon, make sure to read the reviews before buying.

You can also get your lashes dyed and then you don’t need to do anything with your lashes in the morning.  But I found the one time I got my lashes died that I ended up using mascara anyways because I wanted that extra volume, so save your money on that one.


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