Undereye Filler – Restylane

For years I have battled what I thought was under-eye puffiness.  I know I have posted several blogs about what I use to get the best result with what I was genetically given, but I still was not happy.

I had been to several cosmetic counters both low to high end searching for the miracle cream that would make me look rested.  Every consultant would look defeated and give me something that might help but none were ever convinced that it would work.
Then I consulted my dermatologist, maybe she had something that would work…. But I got the same defeated look.  Her best advice was to seek a plastic surgeon that does fillers, because surgery and fillers where my best option.
I went home and did a lot of online research and quickly discover while I hated the puffiness I was not yet prepared for the surgery solution, I watched the video and OUCH; it is just not worth it to me yet.
So I scheduled an appointment at a local plastic surgeons medi spa that came highly recommended for injections.
Here are a scattering of photos.  I don’t have any really good before photos because quite frankly I would always edited or deleted most photos that showed what it really looked like.  Day of photos have no makeup to speak of since I knew I was getting the procedure done.

Day Of Before

The day of and a few days before its best not to take any fish oil or pain reliever because they can increase the chances of bruising. At the appointment they had me lay back and smoothed on a numbing cream that they then waited 10-15 minutes to let it work.  Then she injected the Restylane with a very small insulin size needle.  Slowly injecting and rubbing the areas.  She would periodically stop and show me the progression with a mirror.  I was informed that I had one month that after the swelling went down and we could see the results to come back and use the rest of my syringe, since you pay for a whole one regardless if you use the whole thing.
Day of Right After

Morning After

2 Days After

6 Days Later

10 Days After

The day after and two days after there was a lot of swelling from the multiple injection points.

As you can see in my Day 10 photo the first application did not smooth out as they thought so I made a follow up appointment.  The follow up was scheduled 20 days after the original procedure, you want to make sure all the swelling is down before going to a follow up, I went well after the swelling was down mainly because of scheduling.
Honestly at 16 days post original procedure I was not thrilled with the results, I thought I was over filled.  You can see a raised area where the hollow use to be and it does not smoothly blend with either side.  I’m was hoping they can adjust it at my 20 day follow up.  And if not hopefully as it fades I will be happier.  
At my 20 day follow up I did need to use the rest of my unit.  But again I had to get through the process of swelling. Swelling was not as bad this time since there were less injection points.  Turns out I was not over filled I just needed filler added on both sides of the original trough to bridge the areas.  I am fairly happy with the results, I think they only thing keeping me from loving it is the fact that I probably needed more than just the one unit.  I think if in a few months I do an early refresher I will be loving it.  
Day of second procedure before injections

Day of second procedure after injections
Day after second procedure
1 week after second procedure
2 months past first procedure, 5 weeks after second procedure 
As always when that time comes I will update this post with new information.

5/31/15 Update:

In April a full six months after my initial injections I went in for a touch up,  I was by no means back to the original but I was noticing the crevice slightly again and went in with the hopes of not having to have as much done, just to keep a nice maintaining. 

I asked if there was anything with longer results and the suggested I might be a good candidate for Juvederm ultra. So we gave it a try and the immediate results looked great,  however it went way south.  Juvederm attracts fluid from your body and in my results, which varies between everyone greatly, it attracted A LOT of fluid.  3 weeks after the injections I had to have them partial dissolved and then injected with Restylan Silk to even everything out.  There were really great and did everything at no charge and everything looks great now.  The Juvederm wasn’t horrid looking but it  was not what I had spent my money to look like. 


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