I decided to cancel my Beauty Box 5 subscription because I was just not loving what was coming so I got a little subscription happy and it addition to my Le Tote (read all about that here)  I decided to splurge on a Wantable Makeup Subscription.
Wantable has 3 different types of subscriptions services: Makeup, Jewelry, & Intimates.  All three are the same cost, $36 a month.
I of course got Makeup, and this was my first box I received July 2014.
I love that my name is one the little sticker inside the box, don’t know what that gave me such a thrill.  But I was pretty happy with my box.
The Tarina Tarantino eyeshadow palette was a great surprise because I had almost purchased that exact one a few days before this arrived but decided to save a little money.  And when I opened it I was so excited it was one of the two palettes I was debating between.
The Custom 3 shade is marked as a cake liner but I don’t feel that is necessarily accurate, to me it’s just a really great eyeshadow that you can use wet or dry.  The photo does not do the color justice, it’s a very pretty green with gold metallic, very unique and nice to get since I don’t think I would have purchased this on my own.
Two items from Mica Beauty…. a felt tip eyeliner in black that is fine but I’m not a huge fan of felt tips.  Also they stated that retail price of the felt tip was $30, anyone that pays $30 for that eyeliner is out of their mind.  I highly suggest if you even considered purchasing it for that price that you look at Kat Von D’s eyeliners (Ink if you want felt tip, Tattoo if you like a pen brush style), Physicians Formula makes a fabulous pen brush style eyeliner that last all day, as well as Stila Eyliners are always great if you are looking for a felt tip; all of the ones I just listed are well below $30.
The eyebrow gel on the other hand is very nice.  At first when I went to apply it I did not think it was going to go very well. I was expecting something more similar to Anastasia Dip Brow but when I went to dip my brush in it I realized it was much more dry/hard. However I continued on because I’ll give everything a try once, and I actually REALLY like this product.  Because it has a bit more of a wax texture to it my brows not only became filled in but behaved better.  Also with Dip Brow it can become to much really quickly, but the texture of this really lets you build up and you are not as likely to go overboard with it.  The color was great and spot on for the Burgundy hair color that I have without turning my eyebrows Burgundy, just gave my brows a nice auburn undertone so that they still looked very natural.  Only negative: I would not use the attached brush on my eyebrows so they could have just but a regular cap on it.
If you are not happy with what you receive Wantable does allow refunds which I have not yet tried but it states that you can do a full box refund and some boxes are eligible for partial refunds but not all.
UPDATE: After receiving this box for a year I have canceled.   The contents got less impressive over time and for the price of this one I found my money was better spent on Glossybox & Boxycharm

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