My Lash Extensions

So I finally got my first set of lash extensions a little while back.  I’ve waited to write this review until I gave them a full run and the very last lash is gone.  While I had my lashes on I went and got trained on how to apply them professionally so I am now better informed.
You should arrive with no mascara or eyeliner on!  Individual lash extensions** are applied/glued to your actual lash. You want your lash to be as clean as possible so that the glue can adhere properly and give you the longest wear.  The lash artist should apply a protein remover to your lashes to break down any old residue before beginning the application process. They will also apply a pad or tape to your lower lashes to hold them down and help with keeping them from getting any glue on them. Lashes come in a large variety of types, widths, materials, and curls.  Lash extensions should only be slightly longer than your natural lash to give a realistic look.  I asked for a slightly more dramatic set since I normally wear false lashes anyways.
The process for a full set will take approximately 1 1/2 – 2 hours.  So wear comfortable clothes and bring your relaxation.  You will most likely be lying down on your back with your eyes shut so feel free to fall asleep and enjoy.
Here is my Before/After of what the artist applied to me:

The better care you take of your lashes the longer they will last you.  My artist provided me with a spoolie to brush them every morning.  Yes they will twist and turn while you sleep, especially the first night. I actually found that the spoolie tugged on them a bit so I used my metal lash comb and that worked great! Sonia Kashuk at Target has a great one.

You do not want to get the lashes wet for the first 24-48 hours or however long your artist instructs you, each glue has a different set time so please be sure to ask. Avoid any action the causes friction or tugging on the lashes.  This is why most say that you should not wear mascara, in most cases the mascara does not cause any problems but when you go to try and remove your mascara is what will cause issues.

Lash extensions are considered semi permanent because while the lash is glued to your eyelash with a permanent glue, you naturally shed eyelashes around a 3 month cycle.   This is why some people will have a longer lasting set than others, everyone has a different lash cycle.

My lashes looked great for the first 4-6 weeks before I started to get fairly patchy, and it was about 3 months before the last lash came off.

While I loved the look my lash extensions gave me I found eyeshadow and especially eyeliner application to be more difficult.  My natural lashes lie flat down, which means they are not in my path with applying eye makeup.  The lash extensions however came curving up gloriously and created a little barrier that I tried to work around because I tried to apply my shadow and liner without touching the lashes to minimize friction.  This created quite a process for me, probably more challenging for me than most because of what I am use to.  I also found that the shadow landed on top of the lashes giving them a dirty look that I then felt the need to clean off, again impossible to do without feel like I was tugging.

Would I do it again…. yes but only during special seasons or occasions lasting longer than a week.  Probably around the holidays I might invest in a set again.  Any events less than a week in duration and I will either apply my clusters or strip lashes. When I do get lash extensions again I will probably not be quite as careful, they are more durable than I though and trying to not touch them caused me the most issue.

I think lash extensions are a great investment for Brides because it will look the most natural but glorious in photos, and they can enjoy them throughout the honeymoon.  Plus the time frame around your wedding you get more photos taken of you than you can imagine.

After taking the training let me tell you that I appreciate more what these people do to make this happen.  It is worth every penny of the retail price of $200.  Yes you can get them pretty much anywhere in my area of the country for $79 and that is a huge steal!  This is a very tedious process for the lash artist (and yes they are an artist so tip accordingly, plus they come at your eye with sharp pointy things so be nice) and extremely time consuming.

My training head!

** Individual lash extension are different from flare or cluster lashes that you can purchase from your local drug store or beauty supply.  Individual lashes are applied to the lash with a permanent glue, clusters are applied to the skin with a temporary or semi-permanent.  Individual lashes and coordinating glue are only available online or in the type of beauty supply/ nail supply that you have a license to get in.  Please do not let anyone use hair glue from a beauty supply or super glue to apply anything around your eye.


Le Femme Eyeshadow & Blush

I picked up some Le Femme products at Makeup Mania while I was visiting family in Denver.   I was unfamiliar with the brand, but it is very inexpensive and it came recommended form my other family makeup guru so I decided to jump in with both feet and get the 12 well custom palette that they sell in the store for $45.
La Femme Blush Palette 12 Color
La Femme Blush on Rouge RefillLa Femme Eye Shadow Pans Refill Large

Individual pans are $3.50 …. I mean how crazy is that.  They are very good size pans and have great pigment and blend-ability.  One of my favorite things about this brand is that the blushes (which they are most famous for) and the eye shadows are the same size so you can mix and match a palette the way you want.

La Femme Empty Blush Palette (12 well)

They are not the easiest things to find online, I did a little research after I tried them out a few times and fell in love.  There are some old YouTube videos all praising them (even my beloved Wayne Goss), but they do not even have their own website up and running.  The best two places (most reputable) I can find is Makeup Mania and Camera Ready Cosmetics.

I can not find the 12 well palette for $45 on the website but they are a great little store and I can bet that if you called them they would give you the same deal plus shipping cost.  Maybe tell them I sent you 😉

Late….June Beauty Box vs Ipsy

June Beauty Box 5 & Ipsy content Photos:
I enjoyed that Beauty Box 5 was on a “natural” kick this month with items promoting “paraben free” , “formaldehyde free” etc.
The shampoo & condition packets where disappointing because it looks like free samples you receive in magazines & the mail.  They were even more disappointing when I used them because I got out of the shower and dried and styled my hair only to get back in and wash it all over again with something different……Yes it was that bad. I would have been better off if I had just rinsed my hair in warm water.
The nail polish is very nice, I took it to get my regular pedicure and the Salon tech was very complimentary of the application.  I love the color and will be holding on to this little goodie.  It has stayed on very well with no chips; however it did fade in spots with my spray tan blocking lotion which is the first time I have seen any of my pedicures do this.  Especially seeing they put a top coat on top of it.
Vitabath is nice, very sugary scent. But not something I would necessarily search to make sure I could purchase it again.  It’s a body wash, nothing special.
I do really like the mascara, it survived the humid south test when I was outside several hours with it on.  I love the little brush that is in this trial size which had me wanting to purchase it again but when I look at the photos of the full size it looks like the brush gets full size too, so maybe I will skip.
Ipsy was a tough one this month, at first glance I was excited but then there where some down falls.
Love that the bag is my Rebecca Minkoff, I love her purses!
I was excited that the mascara appeared to be full size, but then I opened it and it had an awful smell so I chucked it into the trash without trying it.  Nothing that smells that bad is going near my sensitive eyes.
The perfume had exploded inside that little bag, which they don’t normally use those little bags, so that makes me think they were aware that this would be an issue.  Since when I opened that bag I was not amazed by the smell, that went in the trash too because the container and the inside where covered in it and I doubted much was left if I bothered to get it out and clean it all off.
Getting a full size NYX butter gloss was exciting since I love the one I have, but there was one problem. This happened to be the color I have!  I only have one and they sent me the same one, not that there is any way they could have prevented that.  So I gave this one to a coworker and shared the love.
The OFRA brow pencil is ok, I think it would be better as an eyeliner because it’s just too soft in my book to be used on the brows.  So I will be switching it’s use. It is a very pretty dark brown, good for smudging the lower lash line maybe….
Beach spray I honestly have not tried yet.  I am not a huge fan of hair styling products and it sounds like my hair will fell sticky. I will save it because it could come in handy for a special even of some sort.