Ben Nye Powder – Under Eye

If you follow my blog much you know one of my greatest challenges on my personal face is the under eye area.  I have dark and very puffy under-eye that even my dermatologist is out of ideas on how to treat.  So obviously everyday my under-eye routine includes a very high coverage concealer.

This then creates yet another problem, creasing.   Over the years I have tried many different powders to set the under-eye concealer.  My biggest problem with most is that they change the color of the concealer when you apply it.  I’m sure it has something to do with chemical reactions or oxidation because it will even happen with the so called “translucent” powders that are not suppose to have any color.  Another problem is some translucent powders will cause flash back in photos due to their silica base.

I feel that after trying several drugstore and high end powders I have finally found my champion.  It doesn’t adjust the color of the concealer I have applied and it also stops concealers I had previously given up on from creasing. The unfortunate part is you will probably have to buy this online unless you have a professional makeup store near you or you can also find this at the costume shops that are permanent and open all year long.

Ben Nye Neutral Set Translucent Face Powder

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Available In:
TP-5  1.75 oz / 49 gmTP-6  3 oz / 85 gmTP-61  8 oz / 226 gm

You might recognize this as the brand that Kim K. made famous for their Banana Luxury Powder.  I have tried that as well and while it is beautiful it is to dark for my undereye.  If you are wanting something with color in it then my next recomendation would be one of Ben Nye’s Luxury Powder, in your coordinating color.  My problem is that most of the lighter shades are too pink undertone for me so I like using neutral. Price ranges is around $6 reatail and up depending on size and store.  And if you airbrush like me and will only be using this under-eye, this will last you forever! So I suggest the smallest size.

You can find this available for purchase at:

If you are a makeup artist please see my post here on how to apply for a discount at these retailers before purchase.


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