Beauty Box 5 vs Ipsy

May was the first month I received a Beauty Box 5 subscription.  I was excited to support a Texas based company, the first box was free because I had a promo code and following that they are $12 a month which is close to my current Ipsy subscription on $10 a month.
I am honestly disappointed in my first Beauty Box 5.  Most of the products look like they are samples left over from Wal-Mart.  Aveeno & Ban??? The H2O hand cream is okay, not greasy, but has an odd smell that I can’t decide if it’s a man smell or a grandma smell. The Hello perfum is nice but again I could get this sample for free at any department store, Ulta, or Sephora.  The eyeliner was a good size and a brand I’m not familiar with but it was Black!  I get black eyeliner samples all the time!  Surprise me and give me something fun and different that I wouldn’t normally buy and the ill rant about how amazing the color is, but no it’s black like every other standard black eyeliner, nothing amazing here.
I have been getting Ipsy over a year now and do love receiving it very month.  I feel like the products in Ipsy are a little better than Beauty Box 5, plus you get a good quality cosmetic bag each moth, plus there are discount codes for each brand that came in your box if you want to purchase a full size or another product.
Here is this months Ipsy!  Not my favorite but let’s compare.  Inside is a full size smudge brush from Coastal Scents, Full size eye quad from Pacifica (not great pigmentation but pretty colors and nice to try), Hey Honey Exfoliating mask that I’m super excited to try, Hang Ten natural and paraben free SPF 50 that I gave to a coworker that is all natural in her beauty products bacsue I knew she would appreciate this item more than me, and Pur-lisse moisturizer.  I’m a bit tired or relieving moisturizers but the. Again I’m constantly getting different samples sent to me and I’m still in hopes of one of them becoming a Holy Grail (I’m trying one out that I may do a seperate post coming up 😊)
Ipsy is definitely the winner this month, I’ll give Beauty Box 1 or 2 more tries to be fair and then they may be going bye bye!

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