First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery Moisturizer – Great Under Airbrush Foundation

So many of my skin care items revolve around my Retin-A prescription and my airbrush routine.

This combo can make life interesting…

My skin gets dry because I use Retin-A that I use before bed.  In the morning my skin is dry but since I am almost ready to apply my airbrush foundation I can not use your typical moisturizers because they all tend to slip under my foundation, messing it up. And I don’t have an hour for them to soak in before doing my makeup (I like my sleep too much).  So when I ran across someone recommending this I decided to do some research.  A lot of the following information came from either the MFG website or

First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery

First Aid Beauty

Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery
What it is:
A daily tonic to hydrate, repair stressed skin, and reduce redness.

Ultra Repair® Liquid Recovery contains a blend of skin-saving ingredients, including red algae, honey proteins and oat extract, in a concentrated water base. Regular use delivers intense hydration deep into the skin while visibly reducing dry patches, redness, signs of stress, and environmental damage, leaving the complexion looking smoother, less blotchy, and more youthful. For maximum results, it should be applied immediately to the skin after cleansing. Use twice daily to prevent “bad skin” days.

All skin types, even the most sensitive.

Immediately hydrates the skin, locks in moisture and plumps the skin. Reduces dry patches,redness and signs of environmental stress. Promotes increased collagen levels to create a more youthful complexion.


Sprinkle a few drops into the palms of the hand and pat gently into all areas of the face. Apply each morning and night after cleansing.

No Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Harsh Chemicals or Colorants. 
Safe for Sensitive Skin.

REDUCES REDNESS: Ahnfeltia Concinna Extract

What else you need to know:
All FAB products are allergy-tested, free of artificial fragrances, dermatologist-recommended, and safe for even the most sensitive skin.

So now for my take!  First off I mean how cute is that bottle!!! Yes it is glass on the bottom, the long skinny part and the spout are a type of plastic that is squeezable.  At first try I was a little confused about dispensing this.  I like to tip it upside down so that the little skinny reservoir is filled then give one full squeeze and that seems to be the perfect amount for my whole face.  I will admit applying with your hands is really tricky because this has the exact consistency of water, but you just tap all over your face and rub in.  Seriously you will think you just filled your hand with plain tap water because that is what it looks and feels like; which is kind of the beauty of it.  Since I am airbrushing I actually have switched to squeezing this into my airbrush and applying that way, it’s just simpler to me.  In a matter of seconds this completely soaks into your skin and you are not left with any of your typical moisturizer residue.  It does not mess with my airbrush foundation at all, if anything it’s looking better since my skin is now well moisturized underneath. 

I love this product, it is not something you are going to see an immediate result with, but I am now to the point where I can tell when I haven’t used it.  I have on occasion when I forgot before my foundation, taken it and sprayed it over top when I really felt like I needed it, it does seem to sink through the foundation and didn’t disturb it.  I wouldn’t recommend that for ideal application but it was better then walking out the door with a tight feeling dry face.

They actually categorize this as a face serum or treatment, but since it’s main benifit is hydration I have referred to it as a moisturizer.  It’s definitely unique, it does not have the consistency of any serum or moisturizer I have ever tried before.
It retails for $38, which is a little pricey but so far the greatest option for my routine so I am sticking with it. Links below for purchasing.

First Aid Beauty



Professional Makeup Artist Discount

It has taken me a lot of research and back checking but this is the most complete list I have been able to compile of discounts available to makeup artist. Information on each program varies but I have listed web links for almost all of them that have them available.

Listed Alphabetically. It is not as neat as my OCD self would like it but as many hours as it took for me to get this as accurate as possible for now it will have to do.  I do plan on updating this if I discover anymore, so please feel free to check back.

Some companies will only give discounts to those working as a professional makeup artist; some will extend discounts to cosmetologists while others will offer to discounts to even beauty bloggers. Please check with the company for full details on their pro programs as some requirements have changed.

Most will require one or more of the following:

  • Business license (different from a professional license as it is a license proving you have an actual business – issued by the city and! or state you live in)
  • Professional license (example, a cosmetologist license – issued only by the state after you go to a trade school and then take a state exam)
  • Editorial page with name credit
  • Union card
  • Diploma/Certificate from a recognized make-up academy
  • Program/Press materials listing your name
  • Contract on production company letterhead
  • Crew/Call list on production company letterhead
  • Current, dedicated website showcasing work
  • Agency comp card
  • IMDB listing
  • Website statistics showing you have a popular website

Afterglow Mineral Cosmetics

Offer a discount to professional, working makeup artists. To qualify for the discount you need to be a working professional make-up and present 2 forms of current industry identification.

To apply for the Afterglow Mineral Cosmetics Make-up Artist Discount Program please e-mail, fax or mail us at least two forms of the following ID:
A copy of your Union Card, TV or film crew list credits confirming that you were a makeup artists on set.
Agency Confirmation. Your representing agency can fax a roster list on the Agency’s letter head with your name on the roster.
State Aesthetician or Make-up artist license.

Please send this information to:               Afterglow Mineral Cosmetics
Professional Makeup Artist Program
PO Box 746
Belmont, CA 94070
Fax: 650.350.3263


All About Mee Beauty

10% – 30% based on credentials Program Application form:

Fill out form to get password to see more pro brands and product pages

Alter Ego Lashes


Percentage Off: 35%
For More Information:

Bare Minerals

BECCA Cosmetics

Industry Alliance Program Info:


Bellapierre Cosmetics offers a 50% discount to professional, working makeup artists off of prices stated in our retail catalog. To qualify for the discount you need to be a working professional make-up artist and present 2 forms of current industry identification. To apply for the BellaPierre Mineral Cosmetics Make-up Artist Discount Program please e-mail, fax or mail us at least two forms of the following ID:

 • A copy of your Union Card(or other), TV or film crew list credits
confirming that you were makeup artists on set.
 • Agency Confirmation. Your representing agency can fax a roster
list on the Agency’s letter head with your name on the roster.
The letter must include the Agency’s contact information and website.
 • Esthetician or Make-up artist license

Bdellium Tools

Bdellium Tools Pro is a free membership program designed to support makeup artists, industry professionals and makeup students.
Bdellium Tools Pro offers a 40% discount for makeup artists & 20% discount for industry professionals and makeup students.

Black Up Cosmetics

40% discount as a Makeup Artist or 25% discount as a student or a beautician. This agreement will be valid for a period of 12 months, with an automatic renewal if you have spent from $500 cosmetics a year.

Send an email and an application will be sent to you.

Blur Makeup Room

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Discount Amount: 40%

Requirements: Valid photo identification AND two of the following:

  • Composite card
  • Business card with name and specific profession
  • Editorial page with name credit
  • Union Card
  • Professional valid license
  • Crew/Call list on production company letterhead
  • Reference letter from employer

Bodyography Professional Cosmetics

Program info and application:

Camera Ready Cosmetics

Program Info:

Cao Cosmetics

The CaoPRO Card was created to offer special discounts and benefits to our makeup artist, students and beauty community.


40% discount

To qualify, we require a copy of one piece of valid photo identification plus copies of two of the following indicating your current employment as a makeup artist:

Valid union card
Makeup artist license
TV or film crew call list
Professional letter of reference stating employment
Editorial page including your credit

Please forward these items along with your email address and mailing address (including postal or ZIP code) to:

Carol’s Daughter

Friends and Family Program

Cattiva Cosmetics

Up to 40% off

Cinema Secrets

Discount Amount: 25% – 15% depending on products

Requirements: Valid photo identification AND two pieces of professional employment or student status.


Rewards Program,en_US,sc.html

Cliché Cosmetics

30% off – Require a copy of your Photo ID plus one of the following that applies to your profession:

Makeup artists must provide a school diploma, business card, or an invoice for work.

Cosmetologists and estheticians must provide a copy of their license.

Coastal Scents

Percentage Off: 15%
For More Information:

Cocktail Cosmetics

20% discount for working make up artists. 10% discount for trainee make up artists.

Coco Beau

Color On Professional


Discount Amount: Makeup artists are eligible to receive a 40% Pro FX membership product discount on purchases

Aestheticians, Cosmetologists, Hairstylists, Fashion Stylists, Nail Technicians,

Costume Designers, Models, On-air talent, Performers and Photographers are eligible to receive 30% Pro FX membership product discounts on purchases.


  • Agency Information
  • Website
  • Composite Card
  • Business Card with name and specific profession
  • Editorial page with name credit
  • Union card number
  • Head shot & resume
  • Professional License (no driver’s license)
  • Diploma/Certificate
  • Publication Masthead
  • Program/Press materials with name
  • Contract on production company letterhead
  • Crew/Call list on Production Company Letterhead Professional letter of referenceof employment
  • Makeup School Information & Student number

Crown Brush

For More Information:

Daniel Sandler

Membership is FREE to include 20% discount on the whole range of Daniel Sandler Cosmetics plus exclusive Promotional offers every season. To apply to join the DSC Pro discount scheme please complete this form and return it with the necessary required copy of photo identification and two pieces of original Professional Criteria or call 01923 845370 for more information.

Discount: Up to 30% off makeup, tanning, kits and accessories.
What you need to do: Apply online and provide a copy of your ID/Driver’s License along with 2 proofs of professionalism. The membership fee is $35 annually. After you submit the application, you will be emailed a link to pay for the membership.

Dr Hauschk


Eve Pearl

Discount Amount: 30% – 40%

Requirements: 30% (with proper returned form and proper credentials) or 40%

($50/Black Pearl annual membership fee and returned form with credentials).

Once approved (usually within 24 hours) you can start to use your discount.

Facade Beauty


Face Atelier – 40%


Complete this application AND email required documentation to or fax to 403.301.3391.

Face Stockholm 

20%-40% discounts depending on criteria submitted.  Email for an application and listing of eligibility requirements or get an application at any Face Stockholm location.  Direct questions to Molly Hamann,

Faux Lash

Fortunate Face Mineral Cosmetics


Discount amount: up to 40%


  • Beauty School ID
  • Beauty School Diploma
  • Business Card
  • Business Website
  • Tear Sheet with Name Credit
  • Any Other Pro Membership Card
  • Agency Comp Card
  • Union Card
  • Program or Call Sheet
  • Business Licensing
  • IMDB Link

Fusion of Color Cosmetics

Gabriel Cosmetics

Giorgio Armani

To apply for the program:
Giorgio Armani Beauty
Bellagio Resort – Las Vegas
phone:  702.893.8327
fax:  702.893.8347

GLEAM by Melanie Mills

Gorgeous Cosmetics

Hourglass Cosmetics

30% off.  Eligibility requires photo ID and two proofs of proper professional documentation – examples include agency and/or business card, editorial page with name credit, professional license, diploma/certificate.

Download this form and return to email on form: HGPRODISCOUNT for more information


Discount Amount:

Professional Make-Up Artist: 40%

Student Make-Up Artist: 20%

Aestheticians, Cosmetologists and Beauty Therapists: 20%

Performers with an Equity card: 20%

Requirements: CV /Resume, ID Card, Contract Cover Letter, Call/Tear Sheet, or

College Acceptance Letter


Discount Amount: 20% – 30%

Requirements: Three pieces of proof:

  • Pro Membership Card from other approved Makeup Programs
  • License of accredited schools of cosmetics
  • Magazine tear sheet with name credit
  • Real with name credit
  • Program/ call sheet
  • Union Membership Card
  • Makeup Artist Business Card
  • Agency Representation
  • Student ID
  • Enrollment Documentation
  • Professional Headshot

It Cosmetics

40% Off

Jouer Cosmetics


Open to all working professional makeup artists who can provide any two of the required proofs of credentials. The Pro Makeup Artist discount expires 18 months fromapproval.

Kevyn Aucoin

Kett Cosmetics

Percentage Off: 30%


As a professional makeup artist, you can enroll to the Khuraira Makeup Artist Club Program. Being a member entitles you to purchase products at a 40% discount.To qualify, please the following credentials to

  • Agency Representation: Have your agency fax a roster list on company letterhead or provide a link to the agency Website.
  • Film or Television Experience: Fax crew list with name credited as a makeup artist on set. Tear sheets with name credit.


Need one of the following:  Agency validated composite card; Professional porfolio including tear sheet with name credit; Valid union card with photo ID plus two of the following: Business card/masthead with name and specific profession; Current professional letter of reference on letterhead from agency; Current crew/call list on production company letterhead; Current program/press material with name credit; Makeup artistry diploma not more than five years from an accredited program

Email Kate Massey,, if you meet said requirements for an application

Kiralee Cosmetics

20% off full size Aeroblend Airbrush

Koh Gen Do


Lashes In A Box

• No annual fee
• Access to exclusive artistry deals
• Artist-focused news
• Min. purchase requirement of any 3 boxes per order

Laura Geller

Program information now available at:

Laura Mercier

Offer a 40% discount to professional makeup artists within the United States. If you would like to become a member of the Laura Mercier Makeup Artist Discount Program and you are a working professional makeup artist, please email us with at least two forms of the following ID:
*Agency Representation: Have agency fax a roster list on company letterhead or provide link to agency website
*Film or Television Experience: Fax crew list with name credited as a makeup artist on set.
*Tear sheets with name credit
*Copy of your Union Card
(Drivers Licenses, Business Cards and Educational Certificates are NOT acceptable forms of ID)
Please send this information to the attention of:
Professional Makeup Artist Program

Program Info:


MAKEUP ARTISTS Get a 40% Discount on all Lavera & Benecos makeup products
ESTHETICIANS Get a 40% Discount on All Lavera, True Natural & Green People skin care products
HAIR STYLISTS Get a 40% Discount on All Lavera & Green People hair care products
STUDENTS & INDUSTRY PARTNERS Get a 20% Discount – Open to students and licensed graduates of accredited schools of make-up, cosmetology, esthetics & hair styling. Also available to Industry Partners (performers, photographers) who can provide proper credentials.


30%  off

London Brush Company


Discount Amount: 20% to 40% depending on profession

Requirements: You will need to contact the NAIME’S Beauty Center boutique below for LORAC’s discount.

NAIME’S Beauty Center

12640 Riverside Drive, Valley Village, CA 91607


M.A.C. Cosmetics

Discount Amount: 30% to 40% depending on profession

Cost: $35 yearly

Requirements: Valid photo identification AND two of the following:

  • Composite card
  • Business card with name and specific profession
  • Editorial page with name credit
  • Union Card
  • Professional valid license
  • Crew call list on production company letterhead
  • Reference letter from employer
  • Diploma/ certificate from an accredited makeup school
  • Not accepted: Business licenses, websites, pay stubs or tax forms.

Madame Madeline

Note: Includes lash brands Ardell, Sassy, Revlon, Duo Glue, and many more.
Percentage Off: bulk discount with 75+ pairs (must inquire)
Ease of Qualification: Medium
For More Information:

Makeup Atelier Paris

Make-Up Atelier Paris support the industry with a 30% discount across all products. The discount applies to working makeup artists only.

Make Up For Ever

Discount Amount: 20% – 40% depending on profession

You can purchase Make Up For Ever with your pro discount in MUFE stores, calling a MUFE store, or most products are available at if you have their pro discount.

Makeup Magazine Pro Card (IMATS)

Discount Amount: EXCLUSIVE PRO-ONLY times at select IMATS, expedited entry during normal show hours, a 10-percent discount on magazine subscriptions and other special offers.

Mally Cosmetics

Discount Amount: 30%

Requirements: Submit proof that you are a currently working Artist, cosmetician, or other makeup professional.

Sign up for a account at

Marietta Carter Makeup Artist

Workshops by Marietta Classes (20%) MUA Planner (20%) for professionals

Contact  Marietta Carter-Narcisse 954 881 6333


10% off

Melli Cosmetics

Makeup Artists now receive a 30% discount on melli Cosmetics products and 20% off our brushes. Min 3 items need to be purchased per order. Some exclusions apply.
It’s as easy as :
1. Just send us your business card & ABN for approval either via fax 02 4333 6514 or scan and email to
2. Email us your order (please email the order do not put through the shopping cartt )
3. We will apply the discount to your order and email an invoice and payment options.
* An industry discount will be taken off full price products only. Not products that are on sale.
4. Make payment
5. Receive your discounted products!

Mirabella Beauty

Morphe Brushes

Muse Beauty

MUSE BEAUTY.PRO is the makeup artist’s resource for advanced education, inspiration and professional product. We celebrate the art of makeup, the freedom of expression and igniting creative minds.
As a MUSE BEAUTY.PRO “Makeup Style Expert” you will receive exclusive membership benefits:
• Complimentary Annual Membership Fee
• 30% Discount on esum brushes and accessories
• 30% Discount on KETT Cosmetics product – excluding equipment
• 20-30% Discount on MUSE PRO Makeup Kits
• 20% Discount on Kevyn Aucoin Makeup
• 20% Discount on Viseart
• 20% Discount on Lashes In A Box
• 20% Discount on Embryolisse
• Complimentary US Ground Shipping on all orders over $75

The Make-Up Designory – MUD

40% For 798 union members only, present your card when ready to purchase.

Naked Cosmetics Pro


Napoleon Perdis


*A copy of photo ID and two pieces of professional criteria (business card, license, web site, letter from employer, editorial page with name credit, union card,) must be included with the application. All applications are subject to verification and acceptance is not guaranteed.

Make-Up Artist 40%

Cosmetologist/ Esthetician/ Nail Tech, Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy Student Industry Talent (i.e. Actors, Models, Agents,Photographers, S.A.G., A.T.A.S) 30%

Namies Beauty


Discount Amount: 25-40%

Natasha Denona

30% discount

Nigel Beauty

20-40% off

NYX Cosmetics

Discount Amount: 30%

Requirements: Photo ID plus either option A or B:

Option A – a copy of your active cosmetology license

Option B – a copy of your business card, 3 trade references, 3 of the latest projects you are working on or have worked on, and a copy of a bill or invoice for work

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Discount Amount: 20%

Requirements: email us a link to your website or online portfolio, along with your mailing address, phone number and preferred email address. Don’t have a website yet? Send us a scan of your comp card, a tear sheet (with printed name credit), professional license or diploma or union card instead. Still a student of makeup artistry or cosmetology? Send us proof of your enrollment at your current school, and you’ll qualify as well.

Origins Makeup Company

Discount Amount: 40% discount on Facial Skin Care and Color products

20% discount on Bath & Body and Hair Care products.

Requirements: “To apply for the Makeup Artist Program Card, click here to obtain an application. Please return application along with tear sheets, business card and proof of certification to:

ORIGINS Global Communications

767 Fifth Ave, 38th Fl.

New York, NY 10153

Cards will be distributed the first of every month and are only valid in US Origins Retail Stores.

Paint & Powder Store

Pari Beauty

Color makeup and skincare product discount of 30%

Palette discount of 15%

For Makeup Professionals – Proof of Professional Credentials: Include Business Card with name and profession displayed, Professional License, Diploma/Certificate, and Professional Letter of Reference of Employment.

Payment: The fee is $20 US / CDN payable by credit card.

Paula Dorf

Offer a 40% discount to professional makeup artists.
IA798 union members are eligible for a special union discount offered through our New York Office, please call 212-582-0073 Ext: 0 or email Also, our Paula Dorf Counter at Henri Bendel, New York City, offers a 40% professional makeup artist discount.  Please visit the counter if you would like to experience the collection, and enroll with Henri Bendel directly.

If you would like to become a member of the Paula Dorf Professional Makeup Artist Discount Program,
please provide us with at least two forms of ID.

  • Agency Representation:
    •  Fax a roster list on company letterhead Film or Television Experience:
    •  Fax crew list with production name Freelance Makeup Artist – Please provide at least two of the following:
  • Crew list
Letterhead with production company name
    •  Call Sheets or Tear sheets
  • Copy of a Union Card
  • Resume

(A Drivers License is NOT an acceptable form of ID)

Please send this information to the attention of:

Professional Makeup Artist Program
Paula Dorf Cosmetics, LLC.

Fax: 212-582-0035


850 Seventh Ave.
Suite 801
New York, NY 10019

Program Info:

RCMA Pro-Card

Contact Info:
Phone: 805-526-7262 (RCMA)
Fax: 805-526-7268

Rae Morris

A new pro program has been rolled out for Rae Morris, I was contacted directly with the form.  I suggest using their contact for on their website for more information until they have a web portal for the new program.


If you’re in NY, South Beach)- inquire about their “Friend’s with Benefits” Program

Roque Cozette


Royal and Langnickel

Percentage Off: 40%
Ease of Qualification: Easy/Medium
For More Information:
Note: Also offers blogger and affiliate programs


20% off  Attn: Senna Pro Artist Program

Serenity Scott Beauty


The current PRO Member Discount is 20%.  Seventa Image treat students of make-up just the same as the PRO’s when it comes to discount, They want to help you get the tools that you need to learn as well as provide you with everything you need when you join the PRO Ranks. The Program is also open to other industry creatives.



Shu Uemura


Sigma Beauty

30% off


Discount Amount: 20% – 30% – 40% depending on profession/status

Requirements: All three levels require valid ID (driver’s license) plus the following:

20% discount (student)

  • Proof of current enrollment at an artistry based school or certificate program
  • Valid Photo ID

30% discount (freelance)

  • Valid cosmetology OR esthetician license
  • Professional letter of reference
  • Copy of your business card
  • Crew call list
  • Valid makeup artistry certificate within the last 5 years

40% discount (pro MUA)

  • Valid union card
  • Copy of a current agency ZED card OR comp card
  • Copy of your business card
  • 2 professional tear sheets that include your name

Stila Cosmetics

Discount Amount: 20% – 30% – 40% depending on profession/status

Requirements: Two of the following:

  • composite card
  • portfolio with name credit
  • business card
  • valid union card
  • head shot
  • publication masthead
  • professional license/ diploma (aesthetician, hairstylist, cosmetology)
  • program/press materials with name credit
  • contract on production company letterhead
  • crew / call list on production company letterhead
  • professional letter of reference company letterhead

TLC – 40% Student and Pro discount available only on Masquerade Cosmetics (Airbrush & Traditional). Not valid on Sun Cocktail or Madame Lash. Call 1-866-210-6586 and they will set you up online.


Discount: Makeup artist discount: 40% off
What you need to do: Sign-up for your Tarte account on the website. Then check out tarte pro to apply for the makeup artist discount, they ask you to upload your resume/certification.


Discount Amount: 10% pro kits; 30% Temptu products (excluding kits)

Cost: $30 annual fee (free through Naimies see above)


  • Tear Sheet w/Name Credit
  • Agency Comp Card
  • Valid Union Card
  • Crew/Call Sheet with Name Credit
  • Valid Cosmetology or Esthetician License
  • Letter of Employment

The Neat Kit – UK For MAQPRO and VISEART 20% Discount

The Powder Group

Three Custom Color Specialists – 30%

Program Info:


Trish McEvoy

40% discount on makeup, 25% discount on brushes and accessories.  Contact Cheryl at 212.758.7790.  Three forms of ID  are required – comp card, tear sheet, agency rep card, union card, and business cards are acceptable.  This discount is only available through this contact.


Urban Decay

Discount Amount:40% on most UD products (restricted to spending no more than

$250 per quarter)


  • A copy of your driver’s license or state/federal photo id
  • Two of the following:
  • Professional license (cosmetology)
  • Editorial page with name credit
  • Crew / call list on production company letterhead
  • Union card
  • Link to website
  • Business Card
  • Professional letter of reference

Velour Lashes


Vincent Longo


Call for more info 877.LON.GO99

Whip Hand Cosmetics

yaby Cosmetics

Yon-Ka Paris

40% discount.  call 212.475.5077

If you have any other discount programs that you are aware of that are not listed above please contact me so that I can add it to the list!  Happy Shopping!

Last Updated 11-15-15

Lipgloss Dupe

I’m not a big believer on the makeup dupe thing, to me people tend to be a little lienent on what the think are dupes.  However today while I was organizing a draw I ran across these two and I can not tell a single difference when they are on my lips.  The texture is the same, the glitter is the same size and color, gloss is the same color and sheen.

As you can tell from the phot the dupes are famous MAC Lipglass Nymphette duped by Milani Brilliant Shine Lip glass in Luminous 03.  Comparison prices are $15 for MAC and about $6 for Milani

Beauty Box 5 vs Ipsy

May was the first month I received a Beauty Box 5 subscription.  I was excited to support a Texas based company, the first box was free because I had a promo code and following that they are $12 a month which is close to my current Ipsy subscription on $10 a month.
I am honestly disappointed in my first Beauty Box 5.  Most of the products look like they are samples left over from Wal-Mart.  Aveeno & Ban??? The H2O hand cream is okay, not greasy, but has an odd smell that I can’t decide if it’s a man smell or a grandma smell. The Hello perfum is nice but again I could get this sample for free at any department store, Ulta, or Sephora.  The eyeliner was a good size and a brand I’m not familiar with but it was Black!  I get black eyeliner samples all the time!  Surprise me and give me something fun and different that I wouldn’t normally buy and the ill rant about how amazing the color is, but no it’s black like every other standard black eyeliner, nothing amazing here.
I have been getting Ipsy over a year now and do love receiving it very month.  I feel like the products in Ipsy are a little better than Beauty Box 5, plus you get a good quality cosmetic bag each moth, plus there are discount codes for each brand that came in your box if you want to purchase a full size or another product.
Here is this months Ipsy!  Not my favorite but let’s compare.  Inside is a full size smudge brush from Coastal Scents, Full size eye quad from Pacifica (not great pigmentation but pretty colors and nice to try), Hey Honey Exfoliating mask that I’m super excited to try, Hang Ten natural and paraben free SPF 50 that I gave to a coworker that is all natural in her beauty products bacsue I knew she would appreciate this item more than me, and Pur-lisse moisturizer.  I’m a bit tired or relieving moisturizers but the. Again I’m constantly getting different samples sent to me and I’m still in hopes of one of them becoming a Holy Grail (I’m trying one out that I may do a seperate post coming up 😊)
Ipsy is definitely the winner this month, I’ll give Beauty Box 1 or 2 more tries to be fair and then they may be going bye bye!

Wayne Goss Makeup Brushes

My name is Brenda, and I am a YouTube makeup video addict.

Wayne Goss is one of the first artist I started following, and when he came out with his first makeup brush collection I was so excited!  They were going to be cruelty free, high quality, soft, and he was investing only his life savings!  I couldn’t wait to support his dream and knew the brushes would be magnificent.
Then the videos started to pop up.  The reviews starting flowing and they were not that great.  The biggest concern I heard that scared me was how short they were.  I love a long handled perfectly weighted paint brush, ink pen, pencil, etc on anything I use to be creative.  It’s just something I like, so hearing they were short was a big turn off to me. So since I couldn’t see them myself, in the US you can currently only buy them at Beautylish (, I decided I wasn’t going to take the over $200 plunge.
Then IMATS New York arrived (if you have not seen the video you can check it out here )
I went in Friday and made the purchases I had pre planned, then checked out everything else to see what there was and went back with lots of price list to do my homework. The first place I wanted to see Friday was the Beautylish booth that contained only the beautifully displayed Goss Brushes….and ohhh are they so soft, I went back just to see and touch them again before leaving. Saturday I went back with the intention of purchasing a different, larger, cheaper, brush set. MFG will stay disclosed.  I am on a budget after all and was trying to make the best business decision; good quality for an affordable price.  However that other MFG majorly pissed me off when I went to purchase their product and let’s just say I walked away from that booth with no brushes in hand, their loss.
I did walk over to the Goss brushes again figuring it was meant to be, I was suppose to buy them and this was God’s way of telling me this was the set to purchase. I purchased them all except Brush 01 from the original “The Collection”, all but brush 10 from “The Face Set”, and all of “The Eye Set” (that was at the time not yest released, so I felt slightly special about the eye set).  The reason behind me leaving out Brushes 01 & 10 from my purchase is because they are a few of the most expensive ones and their primary use is for applying traditional foundation.  Since I airbrush these brushes are not as useful to me as the others.
And let me tell you they are beautiful!  I put them in my carry on for the plane ride home because I was to scared that my luggage would be lost if they were inside.

These brushes are all natural hair and should not be cleaned with alcohol based cleaners so I did purchase the Parian Spirit cleaner to properly care for them since they are an investment.

Here is a break down on the sets, yes I know they are expensive but they were a splurge to myself for my birthday and I do not plan on using them in my kit on others.

The Eye Set & The Face set are the same price as if you where to purchase them individually, The collection is about $16 cheaper if you buy the whole set over purchasing individually.

I will say that I prefer my brushes from The Collection because they are slightly softer.  I was told at IMATS the first set was Blue Squirrel and the second two sets are high quality goat hair.

Are the brushes amazing…Yes. They are by no means a necessity, but they are a great well spent splurge.  I love that they are 100% cruelty free, hand made, and they support a fellow artist’s dream. They are not as short as I had been scared into thinking and I absolutely love getting ready in the morning with these, they are a little luxury in my day.

As Wendy Zomnir so eloquently stated “because it’s a spiritual experience to do your face every day and create who you are and express that to the world” .