Eyebrow Dye

I died my eyebrows for the first time today!!!  Over the last year and a half I have been trying to grow out my over-plucked brows; the result of years trying to make my brows not so overpowering when I platinum hair in high school.

You can pay a professional to do this procedure and it normally runs about $25.

I chose to do it myself because I wanted a very particular shape and I am pretty handy with these types of things.

With the advice of my amazing hairdresser, I used Wella Medium Brown 411 Permanent Gel color with Volume 10 developer.  Per the instructions I mixed one part color with two parts developer.  I applied the gel with a stencil as my original guide with a thin flat eyeliner brush.  I removed the stencil and correct the shape to the exact one I wanted.  After ten minutes I wiped the color off and then reapplied to areas that need additional darkening.  Remember you can always reapply and darken the color.  So don’t wait to long to wipe it off, you can always go back and put more on.

I definitely still have some areas that need to grow back but this will make it much easier to fill in my brows every morning.