Another Airbrush: Temtu

So I have added a new airbrush experience to my makeup trails.  While Temptu ran their family and friends sale I decided to purchase.  So now sits two!

I have been using it for the past three days and I do like it but I consider it in a different category than my other. So here are a few points.
First I had drug my feet on purchasing because I was told it was hard to get a good color match with the air-pod system and I feel with my very olive/yellow tone skin I already experience more difficulty matching foundations than most.  Also with the air pod system there is no true mixing colors like my other system.  The only way to “mix” is by layering.
The foundation is a good color match and finishes with a much more dewy look than typical airbrush foundation.  Like the Kett foundations they do sell a setting powder and I have been setting my makeup with powder because it reminds me almost of a liquid foundation on your skin in the fact that you can kind of move it around on your face, which has positive and negative facets.
I need to find an easier way to hold and control the trigger, my usual “pencil” hold for airbrush does not work as well since this has a much larger handle and the trigger does not pull back as easily. Maybe the trigger will loosen slightly over time.
I think this would be a great piece for someone that likes easy application.  It provides a fast simple application with much lower maintenance that the other airbrush systems.
It is much more sanitary than applying a foundation with sponges, brushes, or your fingers so could be good for someone with bacteria related acne.
So I will be keeping this system and using it for everyday office, out and about weekends, and other casual events.  It is a great simple application that gives a fairly flawless look without careful blending techniques.

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