Non MAC, MAC haul

Yesterday lead to an impromptu shopping trip to my local Premium Outlet Stores for a friend that needed a shopping day.  I never turn down a good shopping trip!  I love this outlet venue mainly because of the The Cosmetic Company Store (CCS), the have a ton of department store makeup and fragrance at discounted prices; such as Estee Lauder, Bobby Brown, Clinique, MAC, etc.  I’m trying to improve my MAC selection, I am a MAC newbie mainly because I can never seem to find a MAC salesperson to help me and purchase something. I have been told that this products are at discounted priced because they are either discontinued colors, collections, or the packaging has been redone so they don’t sell them out the counter any longer.

After my purchase of 3 lip products, a powder, a eye shadow, and a hydrating mist, I cam home and researched what I had purchased.  Only one of the lip colors had been discontinued, the other products are all still for sale at MAC’s website so I am to assume they are the result of re-packaging. I calculated up my discount for all the products, including the discontinued lip color as just a Creamesheen Glass price, I had a savings of over $55!

The largest disadvantage to this store is they only have what they have.  You won’t always find a foundation in your color if they even have the foundation you are looking for.  So I always grab what I can when I find it, yesterday I purchased a Mineralzie Foundation/Loose in Light, right now I am medium so this is two steps down since there is Light Plus between them.  But it will be good for winter time, and I may be able to use it under eyes right now.

So if you are ever in a outlet and see an CCS I highly recommend you stop, even if MAC isn’t your brand they have several others.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day! As a Veteran’s Wife I ask that you please remember the meaning of the day, it’s not just about the BBQ’s and Sales (all though those are quite nice).


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