Facial….for your back?

I regularly get facials (every 4-6 weeks) to keep my sensitive, acne prone skin in the best condition I can.  The ladies at Faces365 are great and as I was checking out last week they reminded me that they offer other services such as waxing, teeth whiting, and a back facial!  And in the moment I was all… No Thanks.  But the this week I keep catching myself picking at the acne that had formed (the result of a shampoo switch) on my upper back and across my shoulders, nothing terrible, but it is swimsuit season after all!  Also the fact that I was unconsciously picking at it was not good.  So I walked in on my lunch hour to see if I could get an appointment someday soon and lucky me there was a cancellation tonight so I got right in. I had no idea what to expect, but it was quite nice.
Basically their back facial consist of 30 minutes while the use light Swedish massage pressure motions to work with cleanser, exfoliate, and finally moisturizer.  There was a few extractions, which were needed, and she asked permission to perform.  I was slightly disappointed a Clarisonic was not used, because that is a regular instrument used for their typical facials.  But to counterbalance that disappointment was the nice surprise that it really is like a nice relaxing massage, which I was not expecting.

Not something I think I need on a regular basis, but is a nice treat to yourself this time of year.  And thank you to the always wonderful ladies that are so nice!


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